Lab and Coral NameICL / wykoICL
ModelWyko NT3300
SpecialistEric Lim    (Robert Bicchieri)
Physical Location2F 1-South Metrology
Process CategoryMetrology
Material KeywordsNone
Sample Size8" Wafers, 6" Wafers, 4" Wafers, 7" Photo Plates, 5" Photo Plates, Pieces
Keywordssingle wafer, manual load, top side of sample, manual operation
The WYKO is a non-contact optical profiler to measure surface topology and roughness. It can measure up to 500um of vertical steps. There are two modes, VSI and PSI. The VSI mode is for continuous measurement and surface roughness estaimtes. The PSI mode is for measuring step height. However, if multiple layers of thin films exist, they create additional reflections that can confuse the tool and result in bad measurements.

Best forsurface roughness / step height measurement over large areas
Limitationsscan speed 7.2 um/s
Characteristics/FOMComputer controlled; Matlab codes for analysis.
Caution withWhen more than one material is encountered, the measurement of step height may not be correct.
Machine Charges (academic rate)5pu/hour
Process Matrix Details


Not Allowed
Ever been in EMLSamples from EML are never permitted to return to ICL or TRL

For more details or help, please consult PTC matrix, email, or ask the research specialist (Eric Lim)