Lab and Coral NameTRL / dek-NoAu
ModelSloan Dektak
SpecialistDavid Terry    (David Terry)
Physical Location4F Main-North
Process CategoryMetrology
Material KeywordsNone
Sample Size6" Wafers, 4" Wafers, 7" Photo Plates, 5" Photo Plates, Pieces
AlternativeICL / P10
Keywordssingle wafer, manual load, top side of sample, manual operation, alignment
The dek-NoAu is a stylus (contact) profilometer that is used to measure height differences (steps) on samples (No Au is allowed). This system operates by the stylus physically making contact with the sample surface and moving the stylus to measure changes in surface height.

Best forFor measuring the step height for PR, metals and dielectrics.
LimitationsDepth monitoring in small openings (~ 100nm wide) is challenging.
Characteristics/FOMStylus moves over the surface to map the surface topography.
Caution withSample surface should be hard enough to avoid any deposits over the tip (e.g if PR is not sufficiently bakes)
Machine Charges (academic rate)2pu/hour
Process Matrix Details


Not Allowed
Ever been in EMLSamples from EML are never permitted to return to ICL or TRL

For more details or help, please consult PTC matrix, email, or ask the research specialist (David Terry)