Lab and Coral NameNANO / ALD-AllPurpose
ModelCambridge Nanotech
SpecialistDonal Jamieson    (Kurt Broderick)
Physical Location8U
Process CategoryDeposition
Material KeywordsDielectrics, CMOS Metals, Non-Standard Materials
Sample Size6" Wafers, 4" Wafers, Pieces
AlternativeICL / ALD
Keywordssingle wafer, manual load, multiple pieces, top side of sample, conformal dep, vacuum, temperature, manual operation
This tool runs thermal atomic layer deposition of oxide and nitride films: Al2O3, HfO2, ZrO2, AlN and HfN. Deposition takes place in an atomic layer-by-layer fashion, and thereby allows for atomic-scale control of the film thickness. Thin layers (sub-5 nm) can be deposited with extremly good uniformity and conformal coverage at moderatively low temperatures (typically below 300 C). Deposition can be done on materials such as Si, III-V and 2D materials. For best results, samples should be cleaned prior to deposition (e.g. RCA, Piranha, nanostrip, O2 plasma, etc). No organics (e.g. photoresists) are allowed in this tool. No tapes or other adhesives are allowed. This all-purpose ALD is aimed at a broader range of materials and substrates, while the otherwise identical ALD in ICL is restricted to gate dielectrics with stringent electrical film quality requirements.

Best forVery thin dielectric oxide and nitride films, conformal coverage, uniform deposition for sub-5nm layers.
LimitationsSlow deposition rate, relatively thin layers only.
Characteristics/FOMAl2O3, HfO2, AlN, HfN, ZrO2
Caution withNo organics (polymers, tapes, adhesives, photoresists, etc) are allowed. User-error can degrade precursors. New recipes must be coordinated and reviewed by staff to avoid actidentally impacting other users.
Machine Charges (academic rate)7pu/wafer + 120pu/um
Process Matrix Details


Not Allowed
Ever been in EMLSamples from EML are never permitted to return to ICL or TRL

For more details or help, please consult PTC matrix, email, or ask the research specialist (Donal Jamieson)